In the year 95 a.C, Jesus Christ’s favourite student, John (Ioannis), was sent to Patmos. This is how the meta-Christ history of Patmos begins.

During the 11th century, the presence of monk ChristodoulosLatrinos, as well as the building of the Holy Monastery of Saint John the Theologian changed the situation and formed the civilization that developed in the time that followed.

Is created the first library of Monastery and is developed settlements in the northern part of island.

The 13th century, are built houses near the Monastery. The First houses were built in the southern part, only with a ground floor at the beginning and then enviable mansions .

Afterwards the conquering of konstantinople, they roll up and are installed “Konstantinoypolites”in the Chora and are created the new settlement “Allotina”.

Is developed trade, the residents and captains with their ships bring wealth in the island

On 1713 is created Capitulary school of Patmos Patmiada near to the cave of Apocalypse

During the great fight of Hellas to free itself from the Turks, many of the Patmians played key roles. Apart from the three most known, the principal of the “FilikiEteria” (Association of Friends) Emanuel Xanthos, the patriarch of Alexandria, TheofilosPagostas and the great apostle of the message of “FilikiEteria”, DimitriosThemelis, all Patmians, none excluded, played a greatly active role in the fight!